More Infos… Amaranthe

Amaranthe is a Swedish band of Melodic Metal formed in 2008, their actual line-up is made with:

  • Elize Ryd – female vocal
  • Jake E: male vocal
  • Olof Mörck: guitars, keyboards
  • Johan Andreassen: bass
  • Morten Løwe Sørensen: drums
  • Henrik Englund: growl/grunt

They released 4 albums until now.

Here my Top 4 about them:

Let me introduce me to you!

I’m an aspiring artist. I want to share with you my work, my thoughts about art in general and many other things that you would like I share with you. 
The Artist Man is a side of Jec Ergaïser, that is very important to me. I will try to publish about one or two posts a week. It will depend on my free time with all I have to do …

Let’s see us on my first post.

Have a great day!

Introduction to my Team

To work better and to purpose you better post, I created a special team made by my multiple interests. Each author is me but only specific in one interest. 

Team is organized like that:

  • Jec Ergaïser: admin and author about Daily life
  • The Music: author about everything that is  linked to Music
  • The Artist Man: author about everything that is touched by Art
  • The Weird Man: author about everything that is concerned by things you do not understand.

Hope you’ll understand that choice. 

Have a great weekend!

More Infos… Haloo Helsinki!

Haloo Helsinki! is a finnish rock band founded in 2006. The actual line-up is made by:

  • Jere Marttila: guitar
  • Leo Hakanen: guitar

  • Elli Haloo (real name Elisa Tiilikainen): vocals, bass

  • Jukka Soldan: drums

They released five studio albums:

Here is a top five of my favorite songs.