Today, I had a car crash! Fortunately, I have only few superficial injuries! But my car is ruined!

What happened? That is everyone wants to know, no?

Well, yesterday I worked as Sound Engineer for an association at  few kilometers from Beaune (2 hours and half from home). This association was supposed to have a place for me to spend the night, but at 2 am, they announced me they didn’t have a place for me.

So I drove a bit, and then I stopped on a park I slept a bit and I woke up (as usual) in night with an anxiety crisis. So I decided to drive to make anxiety down (that wasn’t a good choice) and at about 20 kilometers from home, I fell asleep and landed in a wall…

I feel very lucky to have only superficial injuries, and I thank God to keep me alive. Now I see life completely.

I’m ALIVE, and that’s most important!


Author: JC

Artiste trentenaire, citoyen du monde, je vous entraîne dans mon monde...

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