Happy Birthday!

Today, I want to wish a very very Happy Birthday, to the most important person in my life, I’m talking about my younger sister, I’m so proud and glad to have her, and I would never want to have another siter than her.

Below I show show you what I wrote her.

Well, twenty-five years ago, you just came in this world. Me, I was waiting for the Tooth Fairy. She brought me a pencil, a rubber, a notebook, a sharpener, at effigy of Mickey Mouse (green and purple). In about seven hours, it will make twenty-five years that I have seen you for the first time and since I am the happiest of brothers to have you as my younger sister. Then It remains for me to wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday and  that you enjoy it well. I love you my lovable young sister. Hugs and Kisses. Your old brother who is proud of you.

My sister and I, few monts after her birth.

mms_20160822_131720 [1330254]
My sister and I, few weeks ago.








For me, it is the first time, I send her as much as emotions… I’m kinda proud  of me to have done that.

Have a great day!

Author: JC

Artiste trentenaire, citoyen du monde, je vous entraîne dans mon monde...

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