A Lack of Empathy…

I realized with the help of my new therapist, that I have a real lack of empathy. I never could feel what people feel. I always bring things back to me.

As far as goes my memories, I told to people I was an extraterrestrial. I always feel like talking to people as a robot. I can’t understand people not because of their words but because of their emotions, their non-verbal communication…

Decoding all stuffs around spoken words takes me so much time that I never have enough time to adapt me to at each situation.

Nevertheless, I decide to work on that with my new therapist, be stronger than this lack of empathy, and find out how to decode non-verbal communication faster. It will be a big work that will be worth with time…

Wish me luck. Have a great Wednesday!

Author: JC

Artiste trentenaire, citoyen du monde, je vous entraîne dans mon monde...

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