Freezing, it’s a way to keep food, very easy, that everyone uses very often. And it’s very good: to freeze foods nearly expired, leftovers of dinner, or frozen foods, it allows us to keep more longtime; and more, it avoids lots of food that you let in or out of fridge, telling you will eat them “very soon”! Well, freezer is an appliance you like and that work with lots of foods: meat, fish, lots of fruits and vegetables, butter, cheddar, seafoods.

But like everywhere, there are unfortunately exceptions! And if you can freeze without problème lots of foods without being afraid of their look, their texture, their flavours, there are some others that you have to never approach of freeze.

Freezer is your friend!

It’s THE golden rule about freezing foods: you never never freeze again a food that was already freezed! The reason is very easy: once a food was thawed, there is a risk that thawed food may be contamined by bacterias that might be pathogenic.

So you think well before freezing or thawed food!

I give you in next posts the list of 10 aliments

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