Let me introduce me to you!

I’m an aspiring artist. I want to share with you my work, my thoughts about art in general and many other things that you would like I share with you. 
The Artist Man is a side of Jec Ergaïser, that is very important to me. I will try to publish about one or two posts a week. It will depend on my free time with all I have to do …

Let’s see us on my first post.

Have a great day!

Art exhibition! 

Since I painted, I’ve never really shown my work to other people only through Instagram but it wasn’t really an achieved work. Last Thursday, the artist who helps to find my way with my work, announced me that he found a place to exhibit my work in a real place.

There was in a kind of excitement but a bit of apprehension too that knocked at the door of my emotive land. Today we are Saturday and, even if I think I found what works, I’ll show at this first exhibition, I feel nervous about people’s reactions when they will see my work. 

I’ll try to take the best pictures I could, to show you those works, that begins to make my way of life. 

Have a good Saturday!